Commercial Solar Electric

Versatile Applications

BlueStar Solar Energy LLC unleashes the power of your clean energy potential. From empty roofs to open fields and expansive parking lots, we expertly assess every site to ensure maximum solar optimization.

Utility-Scale Systems

BlueStar Solar Energy LLC has full in-house capabilities to design, build, and install a solar power system big enough to power many homes and businesses.

Rooftop Systems

Lower electric bills and, since solar panels block the sun’s heat, reduce cooling costs. We have solar solutions for all roof types whether flat, standing seam or sloped and our roof mounting system can be customized to suit any job.

Ground Systems

If you have plenty of land but not roof space, then our Ground Mount System is the solution you need to maximize open square footage and generate power for nearby buildings and equipment. Our Ground product line provides the flexibility to accommodate any ground mount solution.

Carport Systems

From one parking spot to thousands, our carport systems shade vehicles while generating clean solar energy. Optional charging stations fuel electric vehicles, easily offsetting new EV energy loads.

Tracker Systems

Solar tracking systems increase their power output by moving to follow the sun’s path to provide the maximum energy production every day.


VA Alternative Energy System Class "A" Contractors, NABCEP Trained & Certified, USGBC Members, LEED


We will complete a remote, or on sight site evaluation of your property. We will then provide a Performance & Financial Analysis to you that includes install price, KWH production, ROI, payback and warranty information! We can also help with financing!


For the first time in Virginia we now offer a financing option similar to a Power Purchase Agreement. Contact us today to and ask about going solar for a payment lower than your current average utility bill!

BlueStar Solar Energy, LLC.

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